Every business owner, every entrepreneur has a story that has shaped their life. Learn how to craft your story into a powerful message that will attract more clients and grow your business

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The #1 Marketing Skill You Need!

Why This Is The Only Course You Need


  • Emotions significantly influence and often determine our decisions. We give priority to emotion (how something) make us feel 1.

  • We will often use logic to justify our emotional decisions 2.

  • Emotions are center in all areas of decision making in our life 3!

Telling Your Story Creates Emotion and Emotion Creates Action

Think about the last good story that you heard. Why did you like it? How did it make you feel?

Most don't consciously think about those questions. The most important part is... you remembered it!

How would your business, your income and your life change if people remembered you because you connected with them?

There is an art and science to telling your story. For over 10 years I have been researching, teaching and implementing what works when it comes to marketing and sales.

I have put together a very hands-on course to teach you how to uncover, create and share your story in such a way that it will grow your business.

Here's what you'll LEARN and APPLY:

  • How to Uncover, Construct and Share Your Story To Attract Clients

  • How to Find Your Perfect Customer/Client

  • How to Use Your Story to Create Additional Streams of Income

  • How to Use Your Story to Create a Never Ending Client System

  • How to Use Your Story to Sale Without Feeling "Salesy"

  • How to Use Your Story to Get More Referrals

  • How to Automate Your Growing Business

  • BONUS: How to Use AI to Simplify Your Business and Make More Money


The next Story Uncovered group will be starting soon. The cost for this hands-on course is normally $1,997, but I will be doing a special discounted price for only $297.

The reason for this discount is I am wanting to incorporate some different training and want additional feedback from the participants. This will be a highly interactive training and only want participants who are engaged and are committed to making a change.

To be considered, please CLICK on the button to get on the waiting list.

When you apply the Story Uncovered System , you will differentiate your brand, create lasting impressions, and inspire others. You will quickly create trust, leading to long-term relationships and a loyal customer base.

Your story becomes a powerful tool for building community, setting you apart, and INCREASING YOUR REVENUE!

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